Snowball & Sugar Board Sugar Metere

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Snowball & Sugar Board water metere decorative cover by Happy Road. This playful Sugar Metere is designed to celebrate our love of the sno-ball.

1snowball-water-meter-decorative-cover.jpghese Sugar Metere Covers feature the New Orleans favorite SnowBall. Who doesn't love a good sno-ball in the hot summer. There are tons of great local snowball stands and everyone has there favorite. This wall plaque is meant to be hung on a wall. It is a plaster sugar metere and is a Happy Road original. 

The Snowball & Sugar Board Sugar Metere Cover is:

  • 10 Inches in Diameter
  • Bright Color and Unique Style
  • Includes Hanging Hook on Back
  • Available in the following Flavors: Cherry (Red), Blueberry (Blue), Spearmint (Green), Raspberry (Magenta), Grape (Purple)

Read more on the Snowball vs Sno-Ball question.


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This is not a toy and not food, but you already knew that. It is a cool piece of wall art ready to decorate your pad.



Decorative Water Metere Covers by Happy Road

Each cover is hand cast and made to be unique. Happy Road hand paints each piece, so expect that there will be subtle differences. The Happy Road Water Metere covers are decorative only. They are not functional and cannot be walked or stepped on. They will not hold weight and will break.

Each Happy Road cover is installed with a hook on the back of the plaque for easy hanging. The Happy Road Water Meteres are about circles and about 10 inches in Diameter.

Happy Road is a creative factory making all of its products in the USA. Located in Waveland Mississippi.


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